Promise Me You Won’t Run

Promise Me You Won’t Run

To the world Jill is a beautiful, caring, focused, intelligent, born go-getter.

On the outside looking in she appears to have it all. She was born and raised in an affluent LA neighborhood. She recently received her hard earned college degree, she has her dream job working in the ICU, and she is engaged to the well known, well liked pristine doctor. Or should I say WAS engaged?

When things turn ugly in the engagement, Jill believes she has no choice but to run away from it all. She leaves, promising she will never look back as she discreetly quits her job, buys a one way ticket, packs a small backpack full of necessities, and impulsively flies across the country.

While sitting in a diner pounding away her frustrations on her laptop the handsome southern gentleman serving her coffee seems interested in her. Although she finds him incredibly charming, and she feels a genuine connection; she keeps her walls up leaving him even more intrigued by her.

As Jill makes her way out of the coffee shop and onto the doorstep of an old acquaintance from high school she realizes just how much has on her plate. She must adjust to living in New York, find a way to get over her ex-fiance, find out who she really is, and most importantly what she really wants out of life.

Will she settle smoothly into New York lifestyle? Will her ex track her down and find her? What problems will she face? Will she take the easy way out and go running back home into the arms of the dangerous and daring Dr. Jacob Glasdstein? Or will she eventually run to sugary sweet southern diner boy E.J in hopes of a happy, simple life?

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