Not Even Worth a Starbucks Coffee

Not Even Worth a Starbucks Coffee

As a struggling writer by night and officer worker by day, Elizabeth is a hard working woman trying to break her way into a tough business while surviving the realities of living in the beautiful but expensive Honolulu, Hawaii.

When she walks into a Starbucks to treat herself to a delicious cup of coffee after a hard week, a man she’s never seen before sits down and wants to chat. During their brief conversation, some insensitive comments by the man that hurt her feelings and things to get heated. As she storms out, she feels lower than ever about where her love for writing is going.

Undeterred by his remarks, she continues her passionate writing the next morning. When she takes her usual afternoon break to check email, she finds a rare email sent from her website. She can’t believe her eyes when it turns out the man in Starbucks is sending an apology and offer for a free cup of coffee.

She decides to give him another chance and things quickly turn into a hot and steamy adventure that takes them across the island to the shores of Ewa beach, where nothing is left to the imagination.

You never know what tomorrow holds!

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